Business Operations in response to COVID-19

By March 16, 2020News

In response to the deepening COVID-19 situation effective from today, all employees of Libero will be working remotely. Until further notice all client meetings will be held via Video Conference or Phone Conference calls only. We will not be conducting any face to face meetings except where it is an absolute necessity.

Libero has in place a business contingency plan which was reviewed just recently. As a result of this plan all employees are able to work remotely and securely from anywhere in the world if necessary. Importantly, during the current COVID-19 crisis our people are able to operate as they would normally. We recently just upgraded a major part of our technology platform which provides even greater flexibility, security and operational capability.

We use Microsoft Teams for video conferencing and you are able to download this app on any device and it functions on both mac and windows PC’s. Whenever we confirm a meeting with you we will send a calendar invite or email containing details on how to access this app. Of course if you prefer, our phone system is operating as normal, so just call our normal business numbers.

Our priority is to assist in keeping employees and our clients as safe as possible and reduce the need to transit and meet in person for the interim.

In addition, we feel its our social obligation to do our part to slow the spread of the virus as best we can by taking the measures we have outlined above.

On a day to day basis I wish to stress and reassure that our business is operating normally and we have complete access to all our normal operating systems.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss and we hope everyone remains safe and healthy.

Warm regards

Paul Cox

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